Improve digestive system with acupuncture

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Improve digestive system with acupuncture
Written By: Dr. Tatyana ~ 8/22/2022


Summer is a time for long, sunny days, warm weather, and brightly blooming gardens. But the season is also significant in another way. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the body’s Organ systems are most accessible during specific times of year. During the late summer, the Spleen and Stomach are most active and most open to influence both positive and negative. The Spleen and Stomach are associated with the Earth element, as well as certain colors, sounds, times of day, and other correspondences. The Earth element is related to security, feeling grounded and the natural rhythms of life. The Spleen- Pancreas performs many functions, including:

  • Transforming food and fluids into energy
  • Transporting energy to muscles, flesh, and limbs
  • Ensuring that blood circulates throughout the body
  • Producing a “lifting” effect, keeping the internal organs in place
  • Governing our capacity for thinking and concentration

The Stomach is paired with the Spleen meridian and helps to digest food and transform it into energy. When the Spleen and Stomach are in balance and Qi (“life energy”) is flowing freely through them, the body will have physical energy and vitality, good muscle tone, a healthy appetite and good digestion. The Spleen and Stomach can be affected by many factors, including poor diet, and eating habits, lack of exercise, excessive concentration, worry and stress. If your Spleen and Stomach are out of balance, you may experience uncomfortable symptoms (see table on front). Even if you’re not experiencing symptoms, it’s an especially good time to receive preventive acupuncture care.

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine provide a natural approach to restoring and maintaining balance. When we strive for optimal balance, we achieve good health throughout the year.

By allowing Qi to flow freely, acupuncture can help your body heal itself and help you make the most of all the energy and fun of summer!

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