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Dr. Tatyana is a Very Caring and Nurturing Healer!

Dr.Tatyana is a valued member of my healing team. I see her weekly for acupuncture treatments. I have stage 4 metastatic cancer and undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy treatmnets in addition to naturopathic and alternative medical treatments. Dr. Tatyana boosts my immune system, strengthens and balances my chi, and supports my organs with detoxification. At the beginning of each sessions, she takes my pulse and examines my tongue to determine what that day's sessions will benefit most from. I trust her judgment in this process implicitly as I feel dramatically better after each session. Even if I don't feel anything specific is wrong, I come away feeling so much better. I feel so much more able to fight my fight against cancer and protect myself from the toxic western medicine ravaging my body. Yesterday I was feeling awful, the poisons had damaged the lining of my gastro-intestinal tract and I had been unable to digest or eliminate food for days. After Dr. Tatyana's treatment, I not only felt systematically better, well-rested and infused with new energy, I was able to eat and digest normally.

In addition to being a very effective acupuncturist, Dr. Tatyana is a very caring and nurturing healer. Her tenderness and commitment to her patients and her intuitive and empathetic understanding of their health challenges are a rare and valuable combination.


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