Benefits of Acupuncture Point Injection Therapy

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Benefits of Acupuncture Point Injection Therapy
Written By: Dr. Tatyana Johnson ~ 10/22/2019

BLOGPOST_Injection10222019_s.jpgPoint injection therapy (PIT), also known as biopuncture, is a modality in which acupuncture points or trigger points are stimulated with a small amount of sterile and FDA-approved medicinal-botanical substances. In addition to acupoint stimulation, pharmacological effects are achieved as well. The most common substances used are normal saline, sodium bicarbonate, sterile water, nutritional substances, procaine, sarapin, vitamins and combinations, glutathione, homeopathic medicinals (Heel, Guna, Hevert Pharmaceuticals), herbal medicinals, and dextrose.

Since incorporating injections into my practice, I’ve witnessed the accelerated effects of rehabilitation after trauma, acute and chronic pain, and the inflammation of joints and soft tissue. As much as natural substances work for the musculoskeletal system, some substances such as a combination of Calmavera and vitamin B12 can be beneficial for conditions like anxiety, depression, insomnia, and the ability to manage stress.

Main benefits of PIT:

  • Faster results
  • Longer-lasting results
  • Directs medication to targeted area
  • Enhanced clinical outcomes

PIT is mainly used to:

  • Alleviate acute and chronic pain
  • Reduce inflammation and support tissue regeneration
  • Relieve muscle spasms
  • Carry out a systemic detoxification
  • Lose weightRejuvenate facial skin to reduce wrinkles and sagging skin as well as improve elasticity and quality of skin

The most common substance used for pain and inflammation is Traumeel, a fixed combination of biological and mineral extracts in a homeopathic form. “Studies suggest the drug modifies the action of neutrophils and the release of inflammatory mediators. Injected locally, its analgesic effect is comparable to steroids but without the risks of tendon rupture or skin depigmentation. A relatively old drug (available for eighty years), Traumeel is licensed for frequent use, with the only contraindication being adverse allergic reaction. Among elite athletes its use is common and anecdotally it attracts very favorable reports. There is data to suggest comparable efficacy of both topical and injected Traumeel when compared with NSAID therapy, with fewer side effects and greater patient satisfaction” (1).

The combination of acupuncture and injections integrate the advantages of different therapies whose effects can be enhanced and/or supplemented. In my practice, this method has achieved superior effects in clinical treatment. Approximately 80 percent of my patients use PIT in combination with manual or electroacupuncture treatments. The PIT accelerates the healing process and helps the body get to a healthy stage.

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