Most Common Questions in November

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Most Common Questions in November
Written By: Dr. Tatyana Johnson ~ 11/30/2020


Here are the most commonly asked questions in the month of November this year! 

Question: Advantages of injecting B12 in acupuncture points?

Answer: Systemic- it goes to your blood stream for more immediate impact. Local- will stimulate acupuncture meridians increasing overall effectiveness of treatment.

Q: Can acupuncture helps with fears and anxiety?

A: In traditional Chinse medicine, emotion fears connect to meridian Kidney and adrenal glands. These organs play a significant role in neuroendocrine regulation of mood related hormones. Placing the needles in specific acupuncture points will unblock the meridian, stimulate parasympathetic nervous system, and bring more blood to the organs and promote healing. Simply put, you will feel better and more grounded.

Q: Is hypnotherapy can help with emotional overeating?

A: Hypnotherapy is safe and powerful tool to overcome anxiety, depression, fears, anger, overthinking, insomnia – all emotional problems which cause overeating.

Q: Is your office Covid safe?

A: Safety is our 1st priority. We are screening each patient who enters our office, disinfecting surfaces (between appointments) and using high grade air filters. Practitioners and patients wear masks. Hands are sanitized and washed multiple times during each appointment.

Q: Working from home is more stressful then the office. How you can help to overcome the stress?

A: Combination of acupuncture and health coaching sessions are very powerful in overcoming stress. Acupuncture will relax and balance your emotional and physical health. Health coaching sessions will help you to find the right tools to adjust and manage daily life in this difficult time.

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