Acupuncture can help you let go and move forward!

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Acupuncture can help you let go and move forward!
Written By: Dr. Tatyana ~ 4/4/2022

Try using acupressure at ST-36 and SP-3 to transform worry into creative action.


ST-36 is the great harmonizer point: this point does it all! ST-36 can help motivate you, improve your energy, digestion, and boosting your immune system! Locate this point by placing one hand just below the outer kneecap (index finger by the kneecap), use your other hand to find ST-36 (just below your pinky finger) just off the outer shin. Pair ST-36 with acupressure at SP-3 to clarify your mind and regulate your digestion.

Locate SP-3 along the inside of the foot, run your finger along the edge of the big toe until your finger ‘falls’ into a divot, about a three-finger width from the base of the big toe. Look for future articles for tips on transforming other excessive emotions and nourish your vitality and wellbeing with the wisdom of traditional medicine.

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