Benefits of Electroacupuncture

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Benefits of Electroacupuncture
Written By: Dr. Tatyana Johnson ~ 8/26/2019

BLOGPOST_ElectroAcupuncture08262019_s.jpgElectroacupuncture (EA) is a powerful modality used in traditional Chinese medicine for multiple purposes, such as managing pain, reducing inflammation, and repairing nerve damage. Electroacupuncture involves connecting a machine with electrodes to the acupuncture needles, which are inserted into specific acupuncture points. Needle stimulation is performed at a specific frequency and intensity based on each medical condition. It has stronger therapeutic effects compared to manual acupuncture, especially in pain management. Non-invasive methods of electrostimulation can be used for children, patients who have a fear of needles, or bleeding disorders. EA is a safe and painless procedure without side effects. Contraindications for EA are a cardio pacemaker, active cancer, first trimester of pregnancy, metal plates or screws (in the joints) after orthopedic surgeries, arrythmia, tuberculosis, septimal, high fever, and/or high blood pressure. Patients describing the sensation during EA as buzzing, tingling, and itching.

The majority of patients know that electroacupuncture is used only for musculoskeletal pain. In my practice, I use EA for a broad variety of conditions with positive results:

- Accelerating healing in an acute period after trauma and surgeries

- Decreasing intensity and inflammation from chronic pain

- Promoting tissue regeneration and fast recovery after different types of burns (chemical or thermal)

- Rehabilitating after sport injuries

- Dealing with infertility

- Stabilizing moods related to depression and anxiety

- Helping control cravings and agitation and reduce abstinent symptoms in substance abuse disorder and smoking

- Dealing with scar tissue

- Improving symptoms related to prostate cancer and/or urinary incontinence

- Addressing neurological conditions (e.g., stroke, MS, cerebral palsy, trigeminal neuralgia, Bell’s palsy)

If you’ve never tried EA and want to experience it or you want to know if EA is the right approach for your condition, you can schedule a free 30-minute session with me (Meet the Doctor), during which time I can answer your questions and offer a demonstration.

Yours, Dr. Tatyana.

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