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FREE Telehealth with Dr. Tatyana Johnson
Written By: Dr. Tatyana Johnson ~ 3/30/2020

We are here for you to help!

The cost of the telehealth is free of charge and available for everyone!


Dear clients, friends, and community!
As the world around us changes as we know it, the most important thing still remains our health. I have loved having you in the office as my patient, yet this may not continue to be an option for us at this time.


In order to shift with the changing times to continue serving you with the best treatments and care, I am now taking bookings for virtual sessions.


Not only are these treatments effective for continued care during a time of isolation, but they are also extremely valuable to those who are sick (including COVID-19) or have pressing matters in need of treatment with no access to Western medicine.


Please keep this in mind for your friends, family, and community. I am here as a stable source for your health and well being during this uncertain time.

Now more than ever we need to prioritize our health and healing!


Telehealth, or virtual consults, can be provided only for patients who are in Washington state. If you have a medical emergency, dial 911. If your concern is that you have COVID-19 symptoms, need testing - contact your primary care physician or local Urgent Care immediately.

Telehealth appointments are scheduled in 30- to 60-minute increments and must be made by texting (preferred), calling 425-953-9559 or emailing: No online scheduling is available for telehealth appointments.

Virtual consults, known as telehealth, are office visits that are conducted virtually via a HIPAA-compliant video chat.


As Washington state currently has a stay-at-home order in place, it is critical that we provide the best support for people who need help.

Virtual visits can be used to discuss many different concerns and topics and can be extremely beneficial during this challenging time. These sessions are not a substitute for medications prescribed by your MD and cannot be called as a cure for covid -19. Examples of appropriate uses of virtual visits include:

  • Tools for managing common emotional complaints, such as stress, anxiety, panic attacks, fears, depression, lack of motivation, and insomnia
  • Pain management tools for home use
  • Recommendation of home remedies and herbal formulas for patients with health complains and preventative health
  • Preventative health, immune system support, and general wellness strategies and management
  • The discussion of strategies and the creation of plans for longer stays at home and the building of healthy environment and habits
  • The discussion of overeating issues and healthy weight management
  • Demonstration of use of acupressure as well as the placement of ear balls and magnets on acupuncture points
  • Benefits and prescription of the “Apha -Stim Machine” for home use for pain, anxiety, depression and sleep problems
  • Help in dealing with feelings of isolation or the need for someone to hear you

After contacting us, you will receive instructions by email about the next steps. You will need to sign an online consent form and fill out paperwork prior to the appointment via a HIPAA secure platform. For established patients, only the telehealth consent form will need to be signed.

We will do our best to respond to all requests as soon as possible and schedule a time for appointments.

Stay positive and healthy! Together we will overcome this challenging time and, before you know it, life will be back to normal!

Dr. Tatyana

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