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Reviews from patients:

"Tatyana is a great healer. I have allergies. After three months of acupuncture and Reiki, all rashes were gone, and I felt much better. She is very warm and really cares about you. Highly recommend!"

Fusui C

"I highly recommend Dr. Tatyana Johnson. My daughter and I saw Dr. Johnson this summer after traditional medicine failed to help my child with her severe anxiety. As the summer progressed (about 18 appointments), I noticed a considerable difference in my child's ability to deal with stressful situations. She is better able to manage her stress and anxiety now and she only receives acupuncture treatment on a monthly basis for maintenance purposes. Dr. Johnson has a gentle calm bedside manner, and she really utilizes a holistic, person-centered approach to healing. I cannot say enough about how wonderful and knowledgeable she is!"

Sheila L

"I have been going to Tatyana for cupping and acupuncture for several years and she has always fixed the ailments that come along with being a competitive wakeboarder. She is also very informative about self-care and has taught me a ton about the body!"

Eddie R

"Dr. Tatyana is the most professional, knowledgeable, and passionate acupuncturist! I have been attending her practice for over 10 years! I can guarantee there is no one else like her. She is the best in the business! The process is painless and efficient. I been struggling with a lot of things and her services helped me extremely. She also specializes is Reiki and a lot more. So do yourself a favor and go visit her, you won't regret it."


"After being a bit dismayed by Western medicine doctors, I turned to alternative medicine to resolve an issue that I was dealing with. Thank goodness for Tatyana (Doctor T) and her expansive knowledge of Eastern Medicine. Not only did she identify what was causing my pain, but after acupuncture treatments over a relatively short period of time, the pain was eliminated.

My issue was a bruising of the tissue between my ribs just above my heart. After confirming with a cardiologist that my heart was fine, I discovered with Tatyana that the pain was a result of a mountain bike spill that caused the internal injury. I recovered quickly from her treatments, and am grateful for her work and knowledge.

Tatyana is professional in her approach and listens very carefully to what you have to say. Her technique is painless and comfortable.

I have since recommended others to seek out Tatyana, and would encourage those interested in Eastern Medicine to do the same - or if you are like me and receiving a lack of concern or resolve from your Western medical doctors, I would highly recommend an appointment with Tatyana."

Bruce K

"I tried acupuncture a while ago and did not have a good experience. As a result, I was skeptical about the benefits.  I am a runner and I want to make sure my legs are functioning as they should.  I recently got a stress fracture which had me 6 weeks off running. As part of my rehab, I wanted to give acupuncture another go.

I went to see Dr. Tatyana and immediately she built the trust I was missing with the process. I did one session and was very happy with it. I came back for 4 more sessions including electro acupuncture and injections within 10 days. And I can feel that the blood flow is way better in my lower legs and my very tight calves have loosen up a lot.  Dr. Tatyana practices acupuncture as a science and her approach gives you lots of confidence in the process.

I am definitely including acupuncture to my tools available to recover from my long runs.  If, like me, you are hesitant and skeptical or had a bad experience, you can trust Dr. Tatyana.  I highly recommend her and I believe that acupuncture can heal way more than what I have experienced so far."